Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sexy South Indian Actress Poonam Bajwa born on 5th April at Pune, India. Her father Amarjit Singh Bajwa and Mother Deepika Bajwa. She had One Younger Sister. She Completed her graduation B.A.

Poonam Bajwa made her telugu film debut in “Modati Cinema” opposite actor Navdeep which happens to be his debut also.

# She is a promising actress in Telugu film industry. Initially she was limited to minor roles but after her success of Veduka and Boss she started establishing herself as one of the leading actress in telugu film industry.

# After the success of her telugu movies she tried her luck in Tamil film industry also. She made her tamil film debut through “Thenavettu” in 2008 opposite another promising actor Jeeva.

# The hot actress was born on April 5th.

# She was born to Amarjit Singh Bajwa and his wife Deepika Bajwa.
Poonam Bajwa quotes

# “We must be mindful that we live in a time where the taste of audiences is changing day by day and hour after hour. The one who could show their talent could stay for a little longer.”
Poonam Bajwa best movie list

Telugu movies

* Parugu [ Allu Arjun , Sheela , Poonam Bajwa , Prakash Raj ]

* Veduka [ Raja , Poonam Bajwa , K.Viswanath , Anu Mehta , Naresh , Sudha , M.S.Narayana ]

* Boss [ Nagarjuna Akkineni , Nayantara , Poonam Bajwa , Ali , Shriya ]

Tamil movies
* Thenavettu [ Jiiva , Poonam Bajwa ]



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